“Healing begins from the top down” Dr. Schuessler . Liptons work proves it as well .

Dr. Bruce Lipton : “Epigentics” : the “layer above” genetics .

I have to share this 50 minute interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton . This is hands down i promise one of the most valuable videos i have ever watched . In this he goes into cellular detail on fight or flight , how it works scientifically etc (the bodily(cellular)  harm as a result) , he explains there is no such thing as genetic determinism we are not victims of our genes as his ground breaking experiments proved and flipped the science world virtually upside down with epigenetics . The biggest topic in this vid is on the subconscious mind he goes into in detail , the patterns habits traits we acquire by the age of 6 , for life , from outside of ourselves it is built . He gives us THE most valuable tools on how to erase these patterns and ways of thinking etc and re-write by you for you by studying the self . Actual rock solid tools we can apply and see ourselves you will be amazed from the teachings in this , as any pure resonating teaching can unlock more Thot or trigger more researching . I believe around 9 years ago i used to copy this onto dvd’s and hand them out to all my friends lol …. Injoy !


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